Our beliefs, values, and convictions shape the way we maneuver through the universe. Increase-Twitter-Traffic-PlugInWe are shaped by our experiences, and yet forget that we are perfectly shaped by the Creator. Each evolution we travel through imprints its changes on our lives; however, it’s our perception that determines the destination’s outcome.

We are destined for greatness, to manifest the magic and glory of our heavenly Father, but if we forget that along the way, we’ll find ourselves trapped in the world’s definition of beauty. Your beauty will always surpass the limited perspectives of another.


You were created to fill a void in this Earth that only you can fill. You were created in the likeness of the creator and given breath to inhale his wonders and exhale his immensity. The world awaits your generosity. It patiently anticipates for you to awaken to your purpose, so this great machine can continue to run on all cylinders.

As humanity’s reasoning continues to darken, your light is the salvation for their repeated advances to liberation. You are the key to their chains of oppression, misunderstanding, and/or confusion. You are God’s gift to the world, wrapped in love and tied with surety. You are not a mistake or an unfortunate event; you are perfectly created for a perfect time such as this. So, let’s carry on this assignment that you have comprehended so well from the writings of my hand. Lets go participate in the world, completely whole and filled with #selflove.

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