Soul Discovery…


I believe that the blue print of your soul hides behind the shadows of your fears tucked away from the perspective of others. Sometimes when we haven’t done the soul work or played hide and go seek with ourselves, we never find our soul or when we consistently look outside of ourselves for answers the soul never gets a chance to answer, but I, I’ve been on a journey. A journey that requires my courage, my strength, my tenacity, and the very core essence of my drive. I told myself 4 years ago that I would separate myself from anything that doesn’t acknowledge the strength of God in my life or anything that makes me feel less than. I’ve kept to my word because I am indebted to myself to give myself the fortitude and respect that I desire first from myself and then from others. Too many years, I’ve allowed others to talk down to me or make me feel inadequate about my decisions. I don’t fault them for how they act towards me, and I’m not a victim of their actions. I am the common denominator in all my exchanges, which means I need to “fix” me.

In the repairing stages of my life, I have learned that whenever you don’t have direction for your own life, others won’t mind giving one to you. So, I fasted from my hunger of accomplishments and I took away the need to be surrounded by anybody, and told myself that this season I will hear from God and God alone. My mission is to know him personally and to know that the connection I have with the Creator is real. No, it’s not popular and yes, I feel the spiritual attacks from others. It’s the realm I’ve been stuck in all my life, so to conquer it has come with some pretty tough spiritual warfare. I’m having to ignore personal attacks, I’m having to get alone more, and I’m having to pay close attention to my dreams and his voice. I trust the Creator’s voice more than any voice in this worldly realm, and I believe that he has placed the right voices in my path that will resonate with my spirit & lead me on the right path for my destiny. I’m no longer afraid of what others think of me, and I’m no longer attempting to justify who I am to others. This path takes bravery, and it’s time for me to be strong. I’m finally welcoming my soul from out of hiding. I’ve found you.



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