Be Available…

We are one, and the fact that we are one there’s a spiritual connection that links us to one another. If we are sensitive enough to hear the spirit, the spirit will tell us who to call, who to pray for, and/or who to show up for.

Trust that voice.

Trust the voice that connects us on a higher spiritual plane with your ears than the one that’s suffocating you with negativity. Jump on the love wave and ride it until it brings you clarity for those who are around you, as well as, those who God wants you to be aware of. Tune into the God frequency daily and don’t turn it off for the sake of those who may need your insight, your understanding, just “you”. BE AVAILABLE for humanity because humanity needs you. You are vital to someone’s solution. You are essential to someone’s hurt. You are needed just because you’re you and being you can cause so much light in another’s dark place. Being you can be the answer to someone’s devastation.

I write this because I’m talking to myself. I would’ve been devastated, but because my circle is so strong the energy sustains it. However, remember to listen to that little voice that says check on your love one. They need you even when they say they don’t. 


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