They’re magical, and the fact they were created from my moments of love helps me to remember that that same love should resonate through their life span. It is not easy holding their hands and trying to help them navigate through the world because they will do things that I am not pleased with and I do not understand. Yet, I cannot allow my pride to make them feel less than human, less than worthy, or less than beautiful. My responsibility for their well being is a choice I chose to take on when I chose to bring them into this world.

So, I take my time to actually study who they are to make sure I’m not harming who they are.

I make sure that their thoughts are balanced when opportunity arises, so I won’t have to monitor each choice they make for their own well being. I cannot guarantee perfection, and that’s not my aim. I cannot guarantee happiness because that’s not in my power. I cannot guarantee easiness because life has it’s lessons. However, I can guarantee that I will do everything in my power to let them know that they belong and their part in the universe is needed, is wanted, and is vital in the existence of humankind.

They have taught me things beyond my wildest imagination and have caused me to expand my love a little further. I haven’t known love like I know it now. I haven’t known discipline like I do now. Each decision that I make towards them has a vast number of consequences that follow, so I weigh, I consider, and I execute. I do what it takes, and the best that I can do is ensure that nothing I do is out of hurt, harm, fear, or anger.

Being a parent is one of the most challenging tasks to take on, but if one is patient, wise, and loving it can be one of the most rewarding tasks of a lifetime. My two kids are something I have never experienced before and I am someone that they have not experienced before either, so we have to learn together. We have to understand one another in each stage of evolution, so that we are careful not to resent one another during the class of life. Yet, as the most experienced and prominent teacher in their life, I hold the responsibility in helping them to learn morals, ethics, values, and how to be aware of things that may not benefit them in the long run.

I have to be a broken compass for them, attempting to show them the way, but admitting that I may not always know the right direction for them.

I should be ok with that. I am ok with that. I have to let them know that each decision they make is a personal choice towards their life’s outcome without feeling an ounce of guilt if they go a route that may not be pleasing or best in my eyes.

The universe placed them in my care not my judgment. So it’s my mission to tell the universe, “Thank you for these heavenly bodies that were given to me.” For, I definitely have birthed a sun and a moon in my home, and I will do what it takes to assist them in knowing their part in the universe.


I am thankful. Thank you for giving me the assignment.



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